System of quality control

Our goal is to provide qualified services to the public, which is insured by strong retention of “Quality Control policies and procedures” of “Hayaudit” LLC.
Assurance that “Hayaudit” LLC auditing company is implementing audit in compliance with audit standards and practices, is provided by both levels the Company and each audit.
To implement the goals of Quality Control policies adopted by the “Hayaudit” LLC, the Company should follow some requirements:
1. Ethical requirements
‘Hayaudit’ LLC is following some principles during its daily work, which are:
- Independence
- Integrity
- Objectivity
- Profesional Competence and due care
- Confidetiality
- Profesional Beheviour
- Retention of technical standards
2. Knowledge and Competence
‘Hayaudit’ is recruited and continues to recruit with personnel, which members have knowledge of technical standards and professional skills to accomplish all engagements in a due manner.
3. Assignment
Audit work is to be assigned to the personnel who have the degree of technical training and proficiency required in the circumstances
4. Delegation (Work organization)
There is to be sufficient direction, supervision and review of work at all levels to provide reasonable assurance that the work performed meets appropriate standards of quality.
5. Consultation
Whenever necessary we hold consultations within or outside of the “Hayaudit” LLC with persons, who master professional knowledge.
6. Acceptance and retention of clients
An evaluation of prospective clients and a review, on an ongoing basis, of existing clients is to be conducted. In making a decision to accept or retain a client, the “Hayaudit” LLC’s independence, ability to serve the client properly, and the integrity of the client’s management are to be considered.
7. Monitoring
The continued adequacy and operational effectiveness of “Quality control policies and procedures” of the “Hayaudit” LLC is to be monitored, by the team established for this special propose.



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